Wednesday, June 13, 2012

M & R’s Construction Bash–part 2

I am going to have picture overload with the next few post!!  I do apologize in advance but I just can’t pick out a few!!  I am probably going to have some repeats too.  I took a few pics with my camera but Laura was the photographer so the next post will feature all of her amazing photos…and then I will do the hilarious photo booth pics!!

Maddox was bouncing it up in the skid loader bouncer!!


This is Bryant…Maddox’s buddy at preschool.  I had the privilege of meeting him and his sweet Mom at the end of school picnic so I was so glad they were able to come!!


My sweet coworker Denise and of course my favorite older sister Joy!!


Shep and Taylor!!


I totally cracked up when I saw Keleigh and Ashleigh dressed like this!!! How FUN!!!  Keleigh is just so creative…and can put together any outfit!!! Even a Barbie doll construction worker outfit!!!  LOVE!!!  She bought the hats at the dollar tree…they were yellow fireman hats and she spray painted them and put the cute letters on!! Genius!!




Mawmaw Brenda and Great Aunt Jean!!


Harrison had on the perfect little outfit for the party!!


Taylor and Ryder hanging out!!


Cute Beckham!!




Maddox started throwing balls out of the pool….the next thing you know…all the kids were throwing balls out of the pool. They were having so much fun!!


Cute Brayden!!


This face cracks me up!! Love this boy so much!!!

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I'm Cindi... said...

AH-MAZ-ING Party, Kimmie!!!! I am totally blown away! Ryder's tie just sends me over the edge. I love it! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. :)