Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ryder’s 12 Month Update!!

I got all wrapped up in posting all about the birthday party that I never did Ryder’s 12 month update.  So he is now 1 year and almost 2 weeks!!

So Ryder, what are you up to???


You are such a sweet sweet baby!!  You are still a Mommy’s boy and I am eating it up!!  You need to start showing Daddy more love b/c I think his feelings are starting to get hurt!!

You wear 12-18 clothes, size 4 diaper and size 4 and 5 shoe!

You are now completely weaned off your formula and doing better everyday with drinking whole milk!  You drink water very well and I’m trying to keep you liking it by not giving you juice.  You LOVE blueberries, you eat them faster than we can cut them in half!!

025 (2)051

You do a lot of jabbering but no new words.  I think I’ve been hearing mamama some, but no consistency of it yet.  The only words you say is still…”aw done” (all done)


I had to take these pics about a week before you turned 1 so that I could develop one for your monthly banner. In the pic above I noticed you can’t see your new toofys!!  You FINALLY started getting your top teeth.  Your right one cut thru a couple weeks ago and the left one recently cut thru!!  It makes us feel better about giving you certain foods knowing you got some extra chompers!!


We had your pictures taken on June 2nd.  What better backdrop than the Lincolnton Football Stadium!!


You can not walk yet…you are taking you own sweet time and that is perfectly fine with me!!  You are into absolutely everything…I compare you to tazmanian devil b/c when you leave a room, that’s what it looks like!!



You just had your 1 year well visit yesterday!!  You weigh 22.10 lbs (46 percentile) and are 30 3/4 in long (78 percentile). Looks like you are going to be long and lean!!


You get tortured by big brother but you handle it so well.  He sometimes hurts you and makes you cry but mostly you just take what he dishes out like a tough little boy.  We tell Maddox to watch out b/c you will get him back for all that he does to you!!  You already have been trying to pull his hair in the bath tub!!  I know you two will have your brotherly fights but my prayer is that you will be best of friends…your entire life!!


When we say kissy lips…you know what to do!!! So funny!!!


The Dr. said you are a super healthy little boy and for that we are just so thankful!!  There is one thing that your Mommy knows and that is…If you have great health…you are beyond blessed!!

We love you to pieces and you have made our family complete! We thank God for you!!!


Kat said...

happy 1 year! LOOOOOVE his one year pictures - sooo soo sooo cute! especially the bum on the scale.
stopping over from jenna's!

Jodi said...

Stopping by from Jenna's...

You are so cute and have a precious family!

Colleen said...

His birthday pictures are so precious! Happy birthday, little man! So cute:)