Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Date at the Splash Park!!

I am so excited that Lincolnton has a splash park now.  It is at the YMCA and you have to be a member to use it or you can go with a member up to 3 times.  Andrea is a member so we were her guests!!  I think it would be worth joining the Y in the summer months just to get to use the splash park!!  The boys loved it and so did us Mommys!!006008

Slowly but surely Taylor and Ryder are starting to play together and notice each other!! 


I had fun chasing Maddox around with the bucket of water and splashing him with it!!


Ryder just crawled around and toughened up his knees a little more!!


Sweet Taylor


Taylor playing with Ryder’s water shoe. The tops of Ryder’s feet are so raw from crawling around on anything and everything so I went and got him some water shoes hoping they would help protect his feet….but… he wouldn’t leave them on!!  He hates wearing shoes…and hats…he’s just not an accessory boy.  I guess I ruined him with the leg warmers!! ha!


Lately when I have been trying to get Maddox to smile for a picture…I tell him to show me his teeth.  It was working pretty well but now when I tell him to do that he smiles like this!!! (if you can call that a smile!!)  I LOVE that silly boy!!


Ryder is making his kissy lips!!

You would think all the sun and water would wear Ryder out so that he would take a good nap when he got home…but not.  Ryder likes to take power naps.  So he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and was wide awake 20 minutes later when we got home and WOULD NOT go back to sleep. But yet my 3 year old took a 2.5 hour nap…go figure!!

Another great day with my boys and a special friend….life is good!!

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