Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maddox is 21 Months

Maddox…you are 21 months!!!  It blows my mind that you will be 2 in less than 3 months!!  I don’t like the thoughts of you being 2 but I have enjoyed you at every stage so I know that there is so much fun to come!

You weigh around 34 lbs, size 5 diaper, clothes…mixture right now…you still wear a lot of your 24 month or 2T but I have been buying you 3T for the summer….they are a little big but I’m sure you will fill them our by summertime!  You are wearing size 6 and 7 shoes.  Hats…you take a 3t or 4t or bigger!


I adore this picture of you!  I asked you if you would take your paci out and smile….and….you did!!!  It was the cutest thing!!  I just wanted to squeeze you!!  I only snapped one pic b/c I was just so thankful that you smiled on cue….I didn’t want to press my luck!!!   We had just got back from getting groceries at Wal-Mart and boy was that an adventure!!  We try not to make big grocery trips anymore with you because you get a little antsy in the buggy!  You did super good about half way thru and then you were done with it!!  You cracked me up calling every woman over the age of 50 Maw Maw!!!  You made you one Wal-Mart Maw Maw during the trip but the rest of the ladies probably didn’t like being called Maw Maw! 



You are talking up a storm but I think  Daddy and I are the only ones who can fully understand most of what you say.  I always wondered how parents knew what their kids were saying when no one else did…now I know!! 

You love playing basketball and you have finally learned how to catch!!  Last night, Daddy was throwing you the basketball and you did so good catching it!  We would cheer for you and you would get so excited and cheer for yourself too….precious moment….just wanted to bottle it up!!


I know I am biased but I think you are so smart!!  You amaze me at how quick you catch on to things!  You are starting to recognize colors….your first color was PINK!!! Ha!  Daddy did not like that very well, so he quickly taught you green and blue!

You love bath  time and will now let us put some bubbles in your bath!  You do not like it when we say are you ready to go night night….you usually start crying but once we get you to your room…you are fine and go to sleep very easily!

You are becoming more loving….you give kisses more now and you will kiss my belly when I ask you “will you give baby Ryder loving”  it is so sweet!!  You are going to be such a GREAT Big Brother!!

At night when I get home from work…you always go upstairs with me to change clothes and you love to jump on our bed while I’m changing! 

Every time we say “lets pray”  you always say…”Nana and Paw Paw”…meaning…you want them prayed for.

Your eating habits are unpredictable.  One day you will eat everything offered to you  and clean your plate…the next day you might not eat anything except goldfish!! 

Well sweet baby…that is it for now…I’m excited to see what next month will bring!!  We love you so much!!!!


Kimberley said...

yes, the first pictures is absolutely precious!! what a sweet smile!!!! such a handsome little fella!

Jenna said...

He is adorable! My Brayden has that outfit too! =)

Kirby and Anna said...

Gosh- I love the first picture! What a cutie. :)