Monday, March 14, 2011

Minnie Mouse Party and Cheerleading Competition!

I love the fact that I am going to have 2 Boys and will be involved in probably every boy sport there is but thank goodness I have friends and family who have girls!!!  I still get to go to girly events!! 

On Saturday, my best friend Krista had her sweet little girl Elan a Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday party! All her decorations were so cute and Elan looked like a doll in her little outfit!! Maddox was not the best sport at the party.  He was a little hard to please….could this be the signs of the terrible 2’s starting?


Robin and Baby Lane!!


Maddox and Tatum


The Birthday Girl!!


On Sunday we went to early service at my sisters church so that we could make it to UNCC for Tori’s Cheerleading Competition by lunch!  Notice…Maddox is wearing the same clothes but we washed them the night before…I just love the brighter clothes on these warmer days!!


Maddox did great at the competition considering it was his nap time!  Having his Aunt JJ, Uncle Kev, Caine and Tori there to entertain him sure helped!!


Maddox was fascinated with this bald head in front of us….he kept rubbing it.  Thank goodness we knew the man!


My sweet niece Tori!!


Caine is just growing up too fast…he is almost a teenager!!


Tori’s #1 fan!!


All of us! (Maddox is looking so sleepy!)

After the competition, Maddox took a nice long nap and then we still had about 2 hours to enjoy the beautiful day!!!  I am so happy the time has changed!!!  I gladly gave up that hour of sleep… worth it!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!


Casey Martinez said...

What a darling theme and so cute of a party!! I'm getting things in a row for Daisy's first BD party. It's more for me but, the decorating part is so much fun! ;0 M looks like he really enjoyed that cupcake!

Olga said...

What a great weekend! Love the minnie mouse party decorations!

Meredith said...

Kim, thanks for the Minnie Mouse post! I am pretty sure we are doing a Minnie party for Saylor so I LOVED the party ideas!
Also, you look so adorable preggers! I hope you are doing and feeling great! Love the name too....super sweet!

Hollie said...

Maddox, is so handsome!!! When is your second little bundle of joy due?