Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Weekend!!

On Saturday…I worked half the day and while I was at work…Maddox’s cousin Kenny came over for a visit.  I hated I wasn’t at home to enjoy watching them play together but I am so proud of my hubs for thinking to take pictures!!!  Chris said Maddox was so good playing with Kenny…he shared his toys very well and was really sweet!  Maddox only gets interaction with kids his age at church nursery or when we get together with friends so I’m so happy he plays well with them!


Today has been close to perfect!!  If Carolina would have won….it would have been perfect!!  The weather has flashed back to winter so after church we came home to a crock pot of Buffalo Chicken Soup and have just relaxed most of the day.  While Maddox napped, Chris went to run and I made some more progress in the nursery.  It has been a process just trying to get the room cleaned out!  Hopefully I can start sharing some pics soon of the progress!

Chris loved Maddox’s outfit this morning so we did a mini photo shoot!


Hey Maddox….Crack kills!!


I love the serious GQ look!!!


2 of my 3 sweethearts!!!  I can’t wait to have a picture of all my boys!!

Maddox is suited up and ready for some Carolina Basketball!!


The look of disappointment on Maddox’s face after Carolina lost!!! (I’m just posing… ha!)

This week is a very special week in our house….we will be celebrating my oldest baby’s 34th birthday!!!

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Kimberley said...

maddox is so stinkin handsome!!!! what a little model you have!! :) sorry UNC lost, i was rooting for them!