Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maddox Meets the Veggie Tales!!

Friday nights are generally spent at home resting after a long hard work week.  Here is some sweet pics of Chris and Maddox sleeping so soundly after falling asleep on the couch….Maddox doesn’t usually fall asleep in the living room so he must have been  really tired!!  When we ask him if he is ready to go “night night’  he has a whole list of reasons not “Play Ball”, “Eat”, or “backball goal” (basketball goal).  Meaning…he wanst to “boot” (shoot) ball at his basketball goal!




On Saturday…Me and my Mom took Maddox to meet Bob and Larry!!  He didn’t really warm up to them very well….as you can see from the pics….but now he can say…he has met them in person!!



Saturday evening we met up with our good friends…The Ratliffs and The Kisers at Koto’s for Chase’s Birthday!


Chase and Keleigh



Maddox is adoring Baby Elynd!


All Maddox would eat at the restaurant was a sucker dipped in shrimp sauce!!!  Yuck!!!  He sure seemed to like it!


This was the entrance of the restaurant…they had a bunch of fishes!!  Maddox was really into watching them!  I actually had to bring him out to watch them just to keep him happy.  He is such a good little boy but man it is getting tough to go out and eat sometimes…he just can’t stand having to sit in the high chair very long and the minute you get him out…he takes off!!! 


Sweet little Baby Elynd….she is such a DOLL BABY!!!  I’m going to be upset if her and Maddox don’t get married!!

This morning we had an awesome church service as usual and have just enjoyed our Sunday!!!  Tomorrow I have my monthly dr. appt and I always look forward to hearing Baby Ryder’s heartbeat… just makes my day!!!


amywelborn said...

Mmmmmmm, sucker and shrimp sauce!! Yum!! Haha! Whatever keeps them happ!! ...and quiet!! Haha!!

Your looking great!!

Olga said...

What a great weekend full of fun and relaxation!!

Girl... It is so hard for us to go out to eat too lol. we have to order quick and eat fast before little ms. OC wants to get up and leave!!

You look so cute preggo!! Doesnt it seen like its going by fast?! I cant believe that in a few weeks you will be 30 weeks!! Craziness!