Sunday, August 21, 2011

2 year and 2 month Dr. Appointment

On Wednesday, Maddox and Ryder had their 2 year and 2 month well visits.  It was a loooong visit.  We got there at 3:45 and left at 6:10, they were behind and then with 2 kids it took extra time.  Whew… we were worn out by the time we left!!


Maddox weighed in at 37.8 lbs and measured 37.5 inches…he is in the 95 percentile.  He had to get one shot.


Maddox and Ryder showing their Gamecock spirit!


Ryder weighed in at 12.11 lbs and is 23 inches long.  He is 75 percentile in weight, 53 percentile in height and his head was in the 35 percentile.  I think it is funny how Maddox has always topped the charts and Ryder is all over them! ha!


Maddox found his candy that we were going to give him after his shot!!  We had waited so long in the office we let him go ahead and have it!  Sour gummies!!


I’m so thankful that both of my boy are healthy and thriving!!  I have to remind myself when I’m feeling a little stressed from Maddox being a two year old…to still be thankful for those tantrums…he has healthy lungs to cry and the energy to pitch a fit #glasshalffull …ha!

Love My Boys!!


The Matthews' Family said...

Whew! I understand those 2 year tantrums! Cute Gamecock shirts!

Kimberley said...

goodness, that was a long appointment!!

i'm laughing because jacob is about 4 lbs heavier than maddox, and he's 2yrs older. ha! :) jacob is a very picky eater though.

and yes, i'm with you, very thankful for healthy babies!!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

That's exactly what Cash weighs! Love are big ol boys!!! :)

Olga said...

they are so cute! Glad to hear they are nice and healthy!

Olga said...
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