Thursday, August 18, 2011


I don’t know how I get so behind on blogging!  I need to do better so I can come up with better titles for my posts…I feel like “catch up, this and that, and last weeks happenings are a little worn out by me! ha!

These pics are from last Friday…Andrea and Taylor stopped by for a little visit!


Taylor, Ryder and Maddox


So sweet!!  They are growing so fast!!


Friday evening, Chris was out of town with the football team.  They had a scrimmage game about 2 hours away.  So me and the boys played outside and caught up with the neighbors. 


Saturday, I had a few hours of ME time!!

Sunday, Me and Ryder went to church and Chris and Maddox stayed home.  Chris woke up with a pounding headache.  He got ready for church anyway but even before we left he was still in pain.  I knew I could not handle both boys during service b/c Maddox still will not go into nursery.  Here is Baby Kendal…she was born a few days before Ryder and we were all in the hospital at the same time.


Sunday after church, we went to Chris’s Mom and Dad’s for Sunday dinner.  I have been on a diet trying to get rid of my baby weight but I decided to allow myself to eat good that meal!  His parents know how to do Sunday dinner!! Yum!!


Keeley, she will be a year old soon


Maddox and Kenny, they had a ball playing together


Kristie getting to meet and hold Ryder for the first time!

Sunday evening, we had some freaky looking clouds pass over!  I could just imagine a tornado dropping out of them…they were swirling.


Monday, we went to the pool….after we went on our walk!


Maddox is gearing up for football season!!




Ryder slept the whole time.  I could just squeeze him in the pic below.


Joy had to go to the bank so to keep from having to dry Tori’ hair…I braided it for her.  I think it turned out cute!!



Ryder still snoozing!  I love his blue eyes but I love these sweet sleeping pics too!


I’m not going to overload this post with anymore days and will try to finish catching up in the next one. 

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