Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ryder is 2 Months Old!!

Wow…has it really been 2 months already? 

So what have you been up to the past month?


Tomorrow is your 2 month well visit.    We weighed you on our scales last month and you weighed over 11 lbs.  I know you have gotten a lot bigger since then.  If I had to guess, I would say you are around 12 lbs.  You have now moved into size 0-3 month clothes.  I do still squeeze you into a few of your bigger newborn clothes…I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to them. Sad smile  You are in size 1 diapers.


Oh , I could just eat you!!


You are such a good great baby!  You wake up around 4-5 am to eat and then you are right back to sleep.  You only cry if you get really hungry and you whimper a little when you get sleepy…other than that you grunt when you have gas and that’s about it.  You are cooing and smiling when we talk to you…it is the sweetest thing!210

You love laying on your play mat, swinging and sitting in your bouncy, but I think you are the happiest when you are in Mommy’s arms.  You still love to nap on your tummy.  You are holding your head up good, not quite good enough to sit in your Bumbo, but it won’t be long.  I can feel your legs getting stronger and stronger when I stand you up..it just all amazes me.  I was holding you today and thinking how in probably 9 short months you may be walking.  I just want you to stay little for a long time!


Your eyes are still blue!!  I’m hoping that they stay blue!!


You are still taking 4 oz about every 3-4 hours.  We have tried to bump you up to 5 oz but you are not quite ready for that much yet. Oh yeah…I have to add in that you are a GREAT burper…you crack me up!!


Ryder…you are just the perfect blessing that makes our family complete.  My heart gets so excited when I think about you!  You make my future bright and I look so forward to every moment with you!  I know you have a special calling and purpose in your life and I am thankful that God has entrusted us with the privilege of raising you up and teaching you. We are not perfect parents but we serve a perfect God and with him “all things are possible”!

We love you so much!!


Casey Martinez said...

So it looks like he and M are going to look a like but also different huh! IS he going to keep his blue eyes do you think? Such a cutie pie and wow, two months already!! Hope you are doing well!

The Ledbetters said...

OMG! 2 months?! I believe he looks like you! I know that makes you smile because Maddox is the spitting image of his daddy! But Ryder has a lot of your features! His blue eyes are beautiful and they look like they are going to remain blue... How exciting! Maddox has turned into a great big brother and that gives me some personal relief since I will be in your place in a few short months!! Looks like things are going great with you guys and I hope to run into you soon!

Kimberley said...

oh he's so precious!! love those baby blue eyes!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh, he is SO beyond precious! Makes me even more excited about meeting my baby boy in about 3 weeks! Where did you get those month stickers/iron ons? I love them!!!