Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maddox Goes to Preschool!

We have had another milestone today!

I can’t believe he is in preschool.  I remember when he was born thinking…oh we have a long time before we have to start worrying about looking for a preschool or even thinking about it.  Well, the day came very quickly.  I know you are wondering…did I cry?  Believe it or not…I didn’t, but my sweet little Maddox did!  That tore me up inside but I knew that he would be ok once he got settled in.  If I didn’t know that preschool will benefit him …I would have felt like a bad Mommy!


I can’t believe I actually had time to take a picture BEFORE we left!!!


His new back pack!


Gotta start em off with some new kicks!!  I’m sure those white shoe strings will be brown in a few weeks!!


Waiting in line to drop him off.  They didn’t want the parents walking them in…makes sense considering all the tears shed!!


I actually had some special time with this cutie!!  I think that is one of the very few times all summer I have had only Ryder!  The house was VERY quiet!!


Maddox had a great time after his rough start!  He says he wants to go back tomorrow! I know it wore him out because he took a 3 hour nap this afternoon!! He will go only on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 – 11:30 . Once I start back to work, I will take him and my Mom will pick him up!

Let the 2 year old preschool days begin!!


Kimberley said...

may be hard for you, but it will be great for him! he does look like a big boy though :)

i just want to squeeze ryder!!!

Laura Taylor said...

awww he took his blankie!!!!! :) Hes getting so big!