Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene…Please Go East!!

Seriously?  I can’t believe our one vacation for the year is going to get interrupted by a Hurricane!!  I have been fortunate to have a low stress, stay at home, fun summer so I am not going to gripe too much about not getting a vacation but on the other hand, my poor husband NEEDS A VACATION!!  He has been very stressed at work and deserves so much to get away!!images

So prayers are going up for all the people that will be affected by this Hurricane.  I know my vacation is trivial compared to the devastation that a storm like this can cause.

On another note..I had the honor of shooting these beautiful girls on Tuesday. Keleigh is Elynds Mom and Ashleigh is Keleigh’s sister.  I am by no means a photographer but it is fun to do pictures for friends!!


All photography blogs and tips I have ever read have always said that “lighting makes all the difference in photography”.  Tuesday evening  I found “my” sweet spot.  I finally captured that sparkle in the eyes!!  This pic is SOOC!!!  (well actually I did adjust the shadowing just a tish)


Our neighbor Alissa and her bunny!





This pic was taken when it was almost dark outside and I didn’t use a flash!!  Can you tell I was motivated to play around with my camera!!

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