Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matching Outfits!

This week has absolutely flown by!!  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!  Here are a few pics from the week!


Maddox…you are adorable!!


A lunch visit from Aunt LaLa! 

Congratulations to my sissy on her promotion to Assistant Manager at First Federal Bank!!  I am so proud of you and your accomplishment!!


LaLa sure knows how to make Maddox laugh!!


Ryder…thank you for this perfect picture…one of my favorites!  I have very few pictures with my boys b/c I am always the one taking the pictures.  It is impossible very hard to get a good pic with a toddler and baby.  Oh well, the pics truly show what stage of life we are in and I LOVE it!


Before Ryder was born, I had some Little Brother/Big Brother shirts made for M and R.  I also had bought some matching shorts.  The pieces looked pretty good together so I decided to dress the boys alike on Wed.  Chris told me not to let it happen to often!ha! (he is not a fan of brothers in matching outfits).  Personally, I think it’s cute!050

Wednesday was my Aunt’s funeral.  After the grave side service, all the family came to my Mom and Dad’s house to be together and to eat lunch. 


My Aunt Laura and her son Bradleigh


Chad and Becky


Kyleigh and Tori



Uncle Nate getting his Ryder fix….not sure what LaLa is doing??


Tori was Chris’s buddy all afternoon!075077080

Maddox is wearing his fireman hat backwards!


My little coach


It must be something about this age that wearing cool band aids is a must! (Boo boo or no boo boo)  Who knew that I would get to accessorize my son in Lightning McQueen band aids!!


Kimberley said...

love their shirts! love the pic of you and ryder! you look great! and love his smile!!

Baby and Big Boy said...

I LOVE the matching outfits. Ben and Sully have two matching outfits....but they can only wear them when their father doesn't see them...he thinks putting them in matching outfits is!