Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Church Nursery…Ryder’s First Time

Chris and I are on the rotation to keep nursery at church every 6 weeks.  We use to keep the toddler room but now that we have a new baby, we kept the babies!! 

Typically we take Ryder into the service with us.  Maddox has also been going into the service too.  He is going thru a phase of not wanting to go into the nursery.  Thank goodness we go to a Pentecostal church that is not always quiet!!


Donna…. my sweet church friend finally got to hold Ryder.  What a face he has in this pic…he really wasn’t fussing!


Ryder did so good!!  He just laid on the play mat and practiced kicking his legs and moving his arms!023




Brayden and Maddox had on the same shorts!

Maddox went into the baby room with us.  He won’t go into the toddler room anymore.  We started taking him to nursery when he was about 11 months and he has always loved going…now he cries hysterically and clings to us for dear life not to go in.  It’s really pitiful.  I think it may have something to do with all the change in his life.  He started not going toward the end of my pregnancy, around the same time, the church nursery changed location in the church.  With all the new babies being born and with the growth of our church, the old nursery was just too small.  We now have two nurseries to separate the babies from the toddlers and they are really nice!!  Maybe he will warm back up to going again soon!  We did convince him to go into the toddler room Sunday for half the time b/c Ashleigh was in there!


Baby Brayden


We had it so easy in the baby room.  There were only 3 babies counting Ryder.  Usually when we keep the toddlers, there are at least 10 or more, it will totally wear you out!!



Ryder’s first nursery buddies…Brayden and Landon.


This pic is just too sweet!!  Daddy and his boys!!



Chris was all about some crazy styles Sunday (being funny)!  He was in the floor playing with the babes and when he got up…he had tight rolled his pants!!! ha!!  Then, that night, he put Maddox’s pj’s on and when he came downstairs…he looked like this!!!





Looking good Maddox!! He is just too funny now a days!! The 2’s are definitely a challenge but at the same time…so much fun!!!


Kimberley said...

love your penecostal comment! HA! been there before!

the picture of daddy and his boys is so sweet!!

i always pull jacob and levi's pajama pants up that high - i think it's so funny! :)

p.s. i wish we could have a playdate ;)

Hollie said...

I love the pants!!!