Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pool, Photography, Friends and LAUNDRY!

That is what we have been up to!! 




Jordan and Breanna (our neighbors) went to the pool with us last Friday!! Maddox was in heaven having Jordan, Breanna, Caine and Tori all at the pool with him!!


My little man is getting brave!!  He is only holding on to a noodle in the deep end!!  He has come a long way from the death grip he usually has on me!!


OH to be young again!!  How fun does this look!!  I remember the days of playing in the pool like this…chicken fights, pyramids and lots of pool games!

After we left the pool, we went home and got ready for the football game!!  I took Tori, Breanna and Maddox to the game with me. I think it would be an understatement to say that I was frazzled by the end of the game!  It is HARD work trying to keep a 2 year old content at a packed out (hardly even room to sit) football game.  I guess the game was good…I wouldn’t know…I don’t think I even got to watch one play!  Anyway, the Wolves won!!!

On Saturday, I took my photography class!!!  It was a basic DSLR class.  I did learn a few things!!  I would definitely like to take more classes! Here are a few pics I took at the class.


Saturday evening we got to hang out with our friends Krista and Matthew!


I don’t know why….but I love this pic!


Maddox and Elan…getting ready to go for a ride!


Off they go!


They made it out of the driveway and the battery died!! Bummer!


Ryder after church…because there is NEVER a photo op before church.  We are always running around like chickens with our head cut off trying to get out the door and then we are still running late!  Is anybody else’s Sunday morning like that?  Growing up, my Mom got 3 girls ready and dinner started and we always made it to Sunday School on time…How did she?


Sunday evening we had orientation at Maddox’s preschool.  He starts Thursday!!  Holy cow! My baby is starting preschool!!


Can you guess what I did on Monday!!  Add a few more loads to this and that sums up most of my day!! 


Love this pic!!  Love the freckle on his lip!


How sweet is this pottery bowl!  A client gave it as a baby gift for Maddox…I can usually get him to eat better when I put his food in it b/c he is into tractor’s right now!!


Have I ever mentioned how sweet Ryder is!!


He has been sleeping all night…Whoop Whoop!  I usually have to get up once and put his passy in but that is it.  He recently has bumped up to 5 oz.  He is starting to chunk up quickly.


My little Ryder Bear!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Kimberley said...

ryder is growing - i can tell!! so so sweet!! i've never noticed the freckle before, how cool! he's such a handsome little man!

oh, i would love to take a photography class too! how fun!!

Anna & Kirby said...

Awesome pictures! I'm sure you've learned so much already! I really want to get into a class too. Maybe next summer.