Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mawmaw’s Retirement Party!!

On Saturday we celebrated my Mawmaw and her retirement/ 86th Birthday!!  Can you believe she was still styling hair at 86 years old!!!  I think that is amazing and as much as she inspires me….I do not want to still be doing hair when I’m 86!ha!

Laura had everyone over to her house and was an excellent hostess!!   She had tables set out on her patio and her yard looked so good!!  We enjoyed lots of good food and family time.  My Mawmaw even had some of her friends who were able to come and celebrate with her!!


Maddox is Pawpaw’s Boy!


Pawpaw, Maddox and “Unc Kev”


These cupcakes were scrumptious!!!  They had a cream filling inside!!


Maddox is learning how to play corn hole!IMG_9193

Can you tell Maddox was all about “Unc Kev” that evening!!


I am so thankful for my Mawmaw and all my family!!!  I love making memories with them!!!

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