Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maddox Turns 2!!!

When I was pregnant…there were 2 dates I was praying Ryder would decide not to come.  The first date was June 13th because that is when we had Maddox’s Birthday Party planned at Monkey Joe’s, the other was June 18th…Maddox’s Birthday.  Lots of people said they thought it would be neat if they were born on the same day…but I did not want that at all!  They will definitely be having joint birthday parties from here on out so I wanted them to have there on special day that they did not have to share!!  God granted me my wish and Ryder came at the perfect time…..8 days early and smack dab in between those 2 dates!!! Thank you Jesus!! Smile

So on Saturday we celebrated Maddox’s Birthday at home.

maddox 373

He was styling in his Birthday Boy PJ’s!!

maddox 375

At this point, Maddox had not held Ryder…he just hadn’t warmed up to him quite that much yet!

maddox 376

I think I bribed him to give him a kiss….but it was still so sweet!!!

Around lunch time…our sweet neighbors came over to meet Ryder!!

maddox 385


maddox 387


maddox 388


maddox 390


maddox 393

After Maddox woke up from his nap…he decided he was ready to hold Ryder for the first time!!!  Such a precious moment!!

maddox 397

That evening, Chris’ Mom, Aunt, Grandma, and cousin came by.  Aunt Jean brought Maddox a birthday gift!

maddox 400maddox 401

Aunt Jean

maddox 402

The Kiser’s also came over that evening…it was nice having all the company come in….it made Maddox’s birthday celebration even better!!!

maddox 408maddox 413maddox 414maddox 416

We are singing Happy Birthday to him and he is loving it….he had been singing it to himself all day….too cute!!!

maddox 417maddox 420

Blowing out his candle!! Make a wish Maddox!!!

maddox 427

Chris’ Mom and Grandma…4 generations…his Grandma actually has 5 generations!  She is 96!!!

maddox 429

Keleigh meets Ryder!!

maddox 432

Baby E…checking out Ryder!!!  Baby E is Maddox’s girlfriend so we need Keleigh to have another girl so Ryder can have a girlfriend!!

maddox 440

This is just precious!!!

Once he held him…he wanted to hold him more!!!

maddox 447maddox 455

Love this pic!!  Baby Elynd has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen…she is so animated!!

maddox 487


maddox 498

A gift for the Birthday Boy….from Mommy and Daddy!!!

maddox 501

A water table!!!  We originally bought a sand and water table and decided to take it back after reading reviews….it sounded like they just make a mess…does anyone else have a sand and water table?  Did we make the right choice by just getting the water table?  Stay tuned for how Maddox likes to play in it!!

maddox 500


maddox 502

I just Love this little girl!!!

maddox 505

maddox 506


Another great day that God blessed us with!!  It was such a special day having sweet Ryder already here to celebrate Maddox turning 2!!!  Maddox’s Big birthday present from us was giving him a life long playmate and buddy!!!  I just speak that they will be Best Friends and always love and look out for each other!!

I LOVE my BOYS!!!!!

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Olga said...

Happy 2nd birthday maddox!!

How is he doing with his baby brother?