Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost 38 weeks!!

Well the end is truly in sight!!!  As happy as I am about that, there are times I feel a little mixed emotion in there too.  This is the last 2 weeks of my life that I will ever feel a baby kicking and moving inside my tummy, it’s also the last 2 weeks of my life that we will have as a family of 3 and that Maddox is the only child.  As uncomfortable as I am getting, I am still trying to savor every moment of this life as I know it!!


How Far Along: 37 Weeks and 5 days

Size of baby: Ryder is about 6.8 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: A lot (what can I say….I enjoy food during this time!! ha!)

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants, some maternity tops and some regular tops.

Gender: It's a Boy!!! Ryder Thomas Carrigan

Movement: Lots of movement…I can see my belly jump when I’m sitting still and I’m sure I’m feeling knees and elbows poking now!!  His little butt usually pops up on the right side and it makes my belly lopsided!!  The movement and feeling him inside me is my favorite part of being pregnant!

Sleep: Sleep is good as long as I don’t get hot!!

What I miss: Energy, being small, and being able to move around like I’m 32 instead of like an 80 year old!!

Cravings:Cold stuff!!

Symptoms: some Braxton hicks, bathroom trips are more frequent, some heartburn

Best Moment this week:  finding his coming home outfit and my Dr appt today


Casey Martinez said...

You look fantastic!!! I hadn't realized how far along you were. IT sure goes fast in blogging time for us that is...;0. SOOOO close!!! Can't wait to see this new little guy in a couple of weeks.

Kirby and Anna said...

Yippie... only 2 more weeks until the world meets Ryder... and you look great! I can't wait to "meet" him :)

amywelborn said...

I used to cry over Maddox not being the only child after Cruz was born. I felt sorry for him!! Ha!!! But now we have a built in playmate! Maddox wouldn't change a thing;). Good luck!!! It's soooo close!;)

Kimberley said...

It's been a fast pregnancy, well for me anyway! HA! :) You look great!!

I felt the same way right before I had Levi. Last time for kicks, last time for pregnant belly, etc... I tried to soak it in the best I could.

What is your due date? Levi's birthday is the 23rd. Are you close to that? :)

Olga said...

I am feeling the same emotions as you are. I am so ready not to be pregnant, but then again I am trying to enjoy every last minute of it.

Cant wait to see this new little man!

Keep keeping us updated!!

You look great ;)

The Ledbetters said...

Kim here is my new blog address! Cant wait until baby Ryder is here!