Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ryder’s Birth Story!!

Wow…it all happened so fast!  My delivery with Maddox was very fast for a first time delivery and I remember the Dr. telling me that the next time I had a baby It would go even faster….well, she was right!!

I had a Dr appointment Wed morning and I was already dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced.  So, I told the Dr….”lets get this show on the road, I’m ready to have a baby”! So he helped me out and “got things stirred up” as he called it! (a.k.a…..a very thorough exam).  My Mom and Maddox had gone to the appointment with me so that we could go run some errands after we left.  I felt fine all day and then about 8 pm I started feeling some cramping. I really didn’t know what to expect with oncoming contractions b/c with Maddox…my water broke at home and then the contractions just came on strong….so I never had any leading up to that.  I went to bed about 12 and never could fall asleep, every time I would about fall asleep, I would have another “cramp”.  So I decided to look up on my phone while laying in bed the “difference between a cramp and contraction”.  Around 2 I decided I was probably having contractions…at this point they were coming 5-6 minutes a part.  I got up took a shower and finished packing my bags…then I decided I should wake up Chris so that he could get ready.  I called my dr to see if I should go on to the hospital…he said to go ahead.  I was really hoping I was not acting prematurely b/c I did not want to get there and them send me home.  My Mom came over to stay with Maddox and Chris and I headed out about 3:30 am.  On the way to the hospital, I kept timing my contractions and by the time we got there, they were about 4 min a part and were getting stronger…but I could still breathe and talk thru them.  We parked the car and I checked myself into triage, they took me to the triage room and here is where it all started going FAST!!!

maddox 034

Here is the time we got into the triage room!

maddox 037

This is between a contraction….it’s amazing you feel so normal one minute and like your about to die the next!  I was in the triage room for close to an hour before they got me to my regular room…Needless to say they were definitely going to keep me b/c when the nurse came in to check me…I was dilated to a 6 already!   I was in some MAJOR pain at this point….my contractions were coming one right after the other and I was getting no relief in between…and begging for an epidural!!  At about 5:15 I got my epidural and ahhhhhhh…..I felt so much better!!!  How in the world did women use to do it without anything???  The Dr checked me right after the epidural and I was at a 9 already!!!  So  all the delivery people came in and was ready to go!!! .  The epidural made my blood pressure drop so quick it made Ryder’s heart rate drop, so they had to give me oxygen and we had to wait a few minutes before I could start pushing.  What was crazy was when I did start pushing, I felt nothing….the epidural had taken away all feeling…I didn’t even feel any pressure to know when to push.  The nurse told me when I was contracting and after about 2 pushes, Ryder was born at 5:44 am!!!  It was a little scary b/c the cord was around his neck. The Dr had to do some fast acting and then Ryder was handed off to the nurses and pediatrician waiting for him in the room to make sure everything was ok.  In what seemed like forever I finally heard that precious cry …. he was just fine!!!

maddox 049

Since everything happened so fast, none of our family were able to be there.  We had no idea it would go so quickly.  So here I am calling my sisters to let them know….He’s HERE!!!!

maddox 052maddox 053

Love at first sight!!!

maddox 057

His first bottle!!!

maddox 060

Proud Daddy!!

It was a great sleepless night that I will remember forever!!  My babies being born are truly 2 of the happiest times of my life!!!  I thank God for a healthy pregnancy, an easy delivery and most of all a healthy little baby sent straight from heaven!!! 

Welcome to the World Ryder Thomas Carrigan!!!  We are so happy you’re here!!


Kimberley said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I have tears of joy!!! Nothing sweeter than a precious newborn (healthy) baby!!! I am so happy for you and Chris!!!

I pray you are all adjusting well as you become a family of four!! Don't ya just love saying "my boys" ? :)

So happy to have followed this wonderful journey with you and to finally 'meet' sweet Ryder. He's beautiful!!!

p.s. i'm so sure for you to look nothing like just having a baby! not fair!! :)

Silvy said...

our babues were born the same day!!! congrats!!

Olga said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Congrats!! How exciting! priase God for a fast delivery and a healthy little guy!

All That Glitters said...

Oh my!!! Congrats girl!!!! You look amazing too!!! He's a cutie!

amywelborn said...


Summer and Matt said...

Congrats! So not fair how amazing you look after just giving birth! Beautiful! So happy for you and cannot believe how quickly everything happened!

How are you adjusting to having two? I'm nervous but so ready to meet our little boy!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Such a great birth story! Glad it went smoothly! Oh, in case you were wondering, it REALLY hurts doing it with no epideral! Ha! :)

Hollie said...

Congrats Kim!!!!

amber said...

that was fast!! hope you are enjoying ryder! let me know when you feel up for a little visit from me and the boys can meet and we can catch up!

Summer and Matt said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for your comments on my last post! Thinking about you alot lately and how the first few weeks are going!

Are you on twitter? I'm on twitter at summerdeepe! My email is! I feel the need to chat with you since we are living parallel lives, ha!