Monday, June 13, 2011

Maddox’s Monkey Joe Party!

We celebrated Maddox’s 2nd birthday this evening at Monkey Joe’s!!  His birthday is not until the 18th but with little Ryder coming soon, we wanted to go ahead and have it a little earlier!!  This party was just too easy!! We basically just had to show up….the only thing we were allowed to bring was the cake or cupcakes!!  I just have felt like the last few weeks I needed to be planning….but no planning involved with this party!!! Which was perfect for my 9 month pregnant self!!

Everyone had a great time!!  I couldn’t get over how much Maddox was doing by himself.  We took him to Monkey Joe’s back in September and he was intimidated by the whole place…wow….what a difference 9 months makes!!

I just got a new camera and between me and Aunt LaLa taking pictures we took a kazillion, so I couldn’t narrow them down very well so get ready for picture overload!!!


We took him about 30 minutes early so that he could warm up to the place. 


Checking out his party room!!


Daddy putting his socks on so he could start bouncing!!


He took off to the arcade section and jumped on this driving game.


We finally got him away from the arcade section and put him in the toddler bouncy area!  It didn’t take long until he graduated to the big boy slides!!


Two of his favorite people…Tori (ah-ah-e) and Caine


I just love how Tori is posing in this picture…little model!!


Caine only has 6 months left before he will exceed the age limit for Monkey Joe’s Sad smile


Kristie and Kenny


Baby Karsyn….I could just eat her!!


Laura made the cupcakes and they were adorable!!  She matched up the Monkey Joe purple perfectly and I love all the toppers she did…they said Maddox, Play, Ball, Truck, M, and some swirls….she really captured who Maddox is at 2!!


Me and my prego sidekick!!  It has been so fun going thru pregnancy with her!!


Come on out babies….we are ready for ya!!




Tori, Payton and Sydni….doesn’t Maddox have pretty friends!!!


Here is where my mouth flew open…Maddox crawled up on this big slide!  I know the picture doesn’t show how big it is but for a 2 year old…it’s big!!


All by himself and everything!!


Here he comes!!


Second time around he wanted to go down with Caine!!


Jaydan and Cross….2 precious kids!!


Maddox loves him some Caine and Jordan!!  They are both so sweet with him!!


This is what Chris would have looked like with a baby girl….he would have been so wrapped!!


Cute Beckham!!


Becky, Holly and Krista


This group doesn’t have little ones yet but Andrea’s will be here soon and I’m speaking over Laura and Nathan that they will be preggo soon!  Ryder needs a little cousin!!


Party Time!!!


I’m really surprised Maddox sat in this big blow up chair!!  He did so good!!


They played a little game called “hot banana”! 



Here comes Monkey Joe!!!


Maddox didn’t fool with him much but he did give him 5 and knuckles!!


How cute is this cupcake with his name on it!!


We will be celebrating his birthday all week!!!  Hopefully he will have a new little brother by his actual birthday!!

We are just so thankful for all our friends and family who came and celebrated with us to make this birthday party extra special for our little man!!!


Kimberley said...

he is just so cute! and getting big! he will look even bigger next to a newborn :(

looks like a fun time! love your shirt and sandals! you look great!

Casey Martinez said...

happy 2nd birthday to M!!! And so exciting that R is on the way so soon!! This party place looks like a blast!! He is such a sweetie pie!

The Ledbetters said...

ahh! I loved this! I was thinking of doing Hannahs 2nd bday at Monkey Joe's... I wasnt sure if she would be "too" young! Glad to see that it worked well for you guys! Do they set it up/provide food? Im so much more excited!

Bonnie said...

Congrats Kim!