Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ryder’s First Day!!

After Ryder was born…our families were definitely ready to meet him!!!

maddox 062

Proud Nana!!!!

Mom came to my house to stay with Maddox when we left to go to the hospital.  Bless her heart she didn’t get much sleep that night either!

maddox 064

The nurse giving him another check!!

maddox 066maddox 067

Aunt La La

maddox 092

Aunt JayJay

maddox 095

Cousins Tori and Caine

maddox 099

Look at the proud look on Big Brother’s face!!!  He made the sweetest face when he first saw Ryder!!

maddox 109

The 4 grandkids!!

maddox 114

Tori loves holding him!!

maddox 116maddox 118

Maddox seems so grown up to me now!!

maddox 120maddox 122

Mawmaw Brenda

maddox 133

For some reason I didn’t get a picture of my Dad holding Ryder….I think Maddox tried to keep Pawpaw’s attention on him!

maddox 136

My big little man!!

maddox 163

It was so cool that one of Chris’s childhood friends who he had not seen in forever until recently was having a baby at the same time!!!  Shaun went into the military straight out of High School and is hardly ever in town.

maddox 165

My precious new little man!!

maddox 181

Andrea is still hanging in there with Baby Taylor….we are so ready for him to be here!!!

maddox 183

Pawpaw Carrigan

maddox 168

and the star of the day….little Ryder!!!!

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