Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father’s Day (at the pool)

I know I did a short Father’s Day post last Sunday but I didn’t capture our day in that one!! 

We had a lazy Sunday at home and I even took a nap!!  I think Chris should have been the one napping since it was Father’s Day but he let me nap instead….too sweet!  After me and the boys napped (love saying “the boys”) we headed to the pool!!!  Then enjoyed eating some steam pot (low country boil) with my sissys and their families!!





Laura edited this one and it is just amazing!! 


If you’ve never heard of low country boil….here it is….potatoes, corn shrimp and sausage all boiled in Old Bay seasoning served with hot melted butter…yummy!  It is one of Chris’s favorite things to eat!!

I’m slowly but surely catching up!!!


Olga said...

What a fun time!

Chea said...

My family is from South Carolina and I am actually visiting this week. We had lowcountry boil Saturday night for supper and it was SO good. It's one of my very favorite things!