Saturday, June 25, 2011

Second Day in the hospital and Bringing Home Ryder!!!

I’m so behind on blogging Sad smile  I hate doing post that are a week behind but I want to make sure I capture all the details of sweet Baby Ryder’s first week of life!!! 

So on Friday when my Dr came in to check on me…..he asked me if I wanted to go home that day!!  After an uncomfortable night trying to sleep in the hospital bed…I thought, I would love to go home.  We were prepared to be there until Saturday so that was a nice surprise!!  Before we left…we had a few visitors!

maddox 191

Pastor Tim

maddox 193

Mawmaw Mosteller

maddox 197

Big Brother Maddox….he is enjoying one of the scrumptious cupcakes that Andrea brought to us!!

maddox 199maddox 208maddox 209maddox 210

I love having pictures of my Mawmaw with my kids!!

maddox 211maddox 214

We received some beautiful flowers!!  My sweet friend/client Misty sent the bouquet on the left and my coworkers at Rosh and Company sent the ones on the right.  It is just a special feeling to receive flowers…it means a lot!!

maddox 226

maddox 234maddox 239maddox 241-1maddox 248maddox 249maddox 253-1maddox 255maddox 257maddox 259

Get ready for some picture overload….I took bunches and I just couldn’t narrow down.

maddox 264maddox 271maddox 278maddox 280maddox 284maddox 287maddox 290maddox 292maddox 295maddox 299maddox 303maddox 307maddox 309maddox 312maddox 314maddox 332-1maddox 333

It’s amazing that he looks so small in this car seat right now.  I remember Maddox looking very small in it too and six months later…he could barely fit into it and we were converting him to the convertible car seat.  I’m going to try not to blink!!

maddox 347

Mawmaw and Pawpaw Carrigan didn’t make it to the hospital that day before we left so they came over when we got home!

maddox 348

Ryder….welcome to your room!!!  Hope you love it!!!

maddox 351maddox 354

Uncle Kevin

The Eurey’s also came over Friday night to meet Ryder…somehow I didn’t get any pics of Krista holding Ryder…but here are the kids!!!

maddox 359maddox 360maddox 361maddox 368

maddox 366

Ryder’s first night in his crib….he did great!!!

maddox 367

I still have not posted pics of the nursery…I will do that soon now that it is complete.  We didn’t officially complete it until last Saturday, so now it is “picture ready”!


Casey Martinez said...

CONGRATS!!!! Ryder is soooooo perfect, handsome, adorable and precious!! Oh how tiny he is too!! You look gorgeous as always momma and I pray you heal and recover quickly and that energy levels start to return. SO happy for you guys!!

Olga said...

Awe he is such a sweet heart!! And you look amazing!!

Kimberley said...

you've got 2 very handsome little fellas on your hands now!!! happy late birthday to maddox! he looks so big now! :) ryder is simply precious. love the pictures of him in his crib - so peaceful. love the picture of him with your mawmaw! oh, and maddox kissing ryder - ADORABLE! love it!!