Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Brain Dump

  • The boys are napping at the same time and the house is Super Quiet…weird!
  • I have started doing the Visalus shakes (body by vi).  Have you heard of them?  I think they taste great…there are hundreds of ways to fix them.  My favorite is peanut butter/banana.  I drink one for breakfast and it really is very filling and keeps me from getting hungry before lunch.  The best part is…it is packed full of nutrients that I know I need.  I am not doing them to lose weight but I would be happy if I could lose about 5-10 lbs!! Which brings me to my next point.
  • I go back to Duke in less than 2 weeks. They will do an MRI of my arteries to see if they are healed.  I KNOW that they are!  Isaiah 53:5  By his stripes I am Healed!!!  I am such a miracle!  It still seems so surreal to me that I had a stroke. I would like to share my heart more on that topic but that is a whole separate post! But my point being…once I get the all clear…I can start exercising again and that will help me to get the extra lbs off!!
  • The reason I have lbs to lose is b/c I eat spoonfuls of nutella as a nighttime snack!! ha!
  • Maddox won’t eat breakfast.  I offer him everything under the sun and he says, “No, I’m good…I not want breakfast”.  All he wants is his chocolate milk.  So I give him his chocolate milk and that’s it.
  • Today at lunch Maddox said he wanted pizza…so I fixed him some pizza.  I think he took one bite and was off doing something else.  I said “Maddox, are you not going to eat your pizza?”  He said, “I not want candy”.  ha!  Can you tell we bribe?? 
  • Maddox wanted to go to the mall after Ryder’s dr appt on Monday. He likes to go there so he can ride the “tractor”.   The boys were so good. We ate at CFA and I was even able to go in a few stores!! (quickly)  I told Maddox if he was good in the last store we went in I would take him to ride the tractor again.  I noticed him holding himself.  I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said “no, I go ride the tractor”.  So we left the store and made a b line to the family restroom.  He had wet underwear.  I said “Maddox, why did you pee pee in your pants”  He said, “I wanted to go ride the tractor”.  So unfortunately his punishment was…he didn’t get to ride the tractor again.  Poor thing…I’m learning that when he wants to do something…he doesn’t want a potty break standing in his way! ha!2012-04-23_12-43-35_798
  • Maddox has been coming to our room in the middle of the night wanting in our bed.  When we ask him what is wrong, he says “the wolves get me” or “the wolves in my room”.  Strange!!  I wonder if he is having a bad dream and if so, why a wolf?  He hasn’t been watching or exposed to anything of that nature.  Any help on that one….our bed is not big enough for 3!!
  • Ryder likes to bite our toes!! I will be working in the kitchen and next thing I know….my toe is getting bit…ouch!!
  • It is time to start planning the boys birthday party….really?
  • We’ve found  the boys doing some funny stuff lately…Maddox climbing into Ryder’s walker and getting stuck!!


  • Puffs Puffs everywhere!!!  They got quiet and we found this!!  The laugh was worth the mess!!  They were both eating them as fast as they could!! ha!


  • Hope your having a great Wednesday and thanks for listening!  I think I need to do more of these!!


Laura Taylor said...

i loved this post!

A Wedding Story said...

What sweet boys you have! I'm so glad I found your blog...I love your hair :)