Monday, April 16, 2012

A Perfect Sunday!!

We had a great weekend!!  Saturday evening we went to hear our our great friends Deana and David from Heart 2 Heart Ministries.  They were singing at a church in Lincolnton. They are just so amazingly talented and anointed….we love getting the opportunity to hear them!!

Sunday morning we visited Bethlehem church to support Laura in her first time leading praise and worship at that church. It’s a HUGE church with thousands of members so her leading is a really big deal!!  God has just blessed her greatly with an awesome voice but better yet an amazing anointing!!  I am just so proud of her and how she is using her talents for the Lord!  I am a little envious though b/c I just don’t understand why I can’t sing!! ha!  After church we went to Laura’s for dinner and just enjoyed a perfect day with my family! 


I am laughing at this picture of me!!  Laura had just told me my hair looked good…I think she was kidding!! ha!


Laura just recently painted this chair and table..she got them from my Mawmaw….it’s amazing how a coat of paint can revive old things!! The colors made perfect picture props!!


My beautiful niece Tori!!


Tori is growing  so fast!!!


I think he is enjoying the Sunkist!!


Beautiful day + Family get together = Corn Hole


Tori takes tumbling classes and was showing us her new skills!!


Ryder only took a nap during church so this is what he looked like about 2 minutes after we left Laura’s house!!  Look at those lips!!!

I know I say it all the time but I LOVE my family and am so thankful for them and the Perfect Sunday we got to spend together!!!


I'm Cindi... said...

Awwww...I LOVE the way they look whey they're asleep in car! And it's the one place I can get a picture of them doing it. :) BTW, I think you're hair looks great! I wish mine had big, gorgeous curls like that! Is it natural or do you use a curling iron or rollers? Sooo pretty!!

Bekkaboo1985 said...

You didn't get Maddox pooping in the yard!! lol too funny!