Monday, April 23, 2012

Ryder is 10 Months!!

Ryder turned 10 months on April 16th!!  He is shedding his baby stage so fast and turning into a toddler…tear.  I want him to stay baby as long as possible. I will savor the next 7 weeks before his first birthday!

So Ryder…what are you up to?


You weighed 23 lbs and 30 inches long at the Dr a few weeks ago.  You are in size 12-18 clothes, size 3 diaper and size 4 shoe.


Ryder…you are such a little ham.  We love to just sit back and watch you! 


It’s getting harder to get your monthly pics b/c you just won’t sit still!


You are slowly transitioning to table food.  You don’t like the stage 3 baby foods so we give you stage 2 when we don’t have table food you can eat.  I’m a little nervous to give you certain foods b/c you still only have 2 bottom teeth.

You love to sneak and get Maddox’s sippy cups that have chocolate milk in them…you start guzzling it!

You are not saying Ma Ma yet but you are saying Aw Done!!  It’s the cutest thing!!  You are also waving hey and bye bye!


You and Maddox are starting to interact more and more!  My heart just bubbles over when I see you two playing sweetly together!


You’re not the best napper…you like to take power naps in the car and if you get one of those…you are good for the day!  It can really throw my schedule off b/c I really need you and brother to nap together so I can get a few things done.  If all goes well and you nap when you should…you nap close to 2 hours.


You still give the best kisses!!  You are still Mommy’s Boy!!


You have been clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth…too cute!!


You have no problem getting where you need to go but I don’t foresee you walking anytime soon….and that’s OK with me!!

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You’re just so much fun!!  I love every minute I get to spend with you!!  You bring pure Joy to our lives!!! 

We Love You Ryder Bear!!


Ashley McWhorter said...

That's so funny about the Stage 3 baby food. Rhett hates it, too! Makes us laugh when he gags and shakes after a bite. Guess we won't be buying anymore.

Kimberley said...

wow, he he's gotten so big! where did that baby go?! :( such a handsome little fella!

The Sinclairs said...

I love his facial expressions! CUTE!!!!

I'm Cindi... said...

Welcome to your 10th month, Ryder! Kimmie, I could just squeeze him!! BTW, neither of my boys ate stage 3 foods. They went straight from stage 2 to whole foods. I just waited and kept doing the stage 2 until they were ready for the real deal. :) He's too precious, Girl!