Friday, April 13, 2012

Blessed To Be A BOY Mommy!

Tonight I am linking up with Kelly at Kelly’s Korner for her Boy Mom’s Posts!! So if you are new here…WELCOME!!  I love blogging about my 2 precious boys….and our journey in life!!

I love finding bloggers who have all boys and especially ones that have boys the same ages as mine…it’s so nice to find people you can relate with!

Meet my Boys!!!

easter 253

Maddox is my oldest and he is 2 years and 10 months!!

Ryder is my baby and he is 10 months!!easter 255-001

I can not believe how different these 2 brothers already are!!

I pray they will be best buddies and always get along!!


Ryder is already keeping us on our toes!!  He is into everything and is fearless!!  He has been army crawling/crawling since he was 7 months…when Maddox was his age…we could sit him in one spot and know he was going nowhere!  That is only the beginning of their differences!!

059Ryder is a little sweetheart and gives the best kisses!!  Even though he is busy…he is an extremely good baby!!  He is growing by leaps and bounds and as his ONE year birthday quickly approaches…my heart hurts a lot little.  He weighed 23 lbs at the dr. this week!


Maddox is our big boy!!  He is 2 and  weighs 43.7 lbs!!! I think it’s so funny that I am buying him 5t’s and Boys XS…how quickly he has grown!!!

Maddox is currently obsessed with Monster Trucks!! He also likes balls, tractors, dump trucks and all construction equipment! He goes to preschool 2 days a week and loves “school”!

He is recently Potty Trained and doing great!


He is saying the funniest things at this age!!  Everyday me and my husband will just look at each other and laugh at the things he will say…truly brings Joy to our heart!!

Before I had kids….deep down….I always felt I would love to have 2 boys.  God gives us the desires of our heart!!! (He also knew I would go bankrupt with a girl….ha!)

I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!  I love my Boys to death and I adore being a Boy Mom!!!

Thanks for stopping by….Be Blessed!!!


CandidCollections said...

LOVE the pic of your little guy in the high chair with his cute! My baby boy will soon be a year old, too...I can't believe it! Your boys are sweet...Enjoy them :)

Big K Fam said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your boys are so adorable!!

Kelly Gibbs said...

Saw you left a comment on my blog so I had to come check yours out! Your little guys are SO cute!! :)

Nicole Rodriguez said...

Hi from Kelly's Korner! Your boys are so cute!!! I have 3 boys and life is always an adventure :)

Kimberley said...

sweet sweet boys! getting so big!

Casey Martinez said...

I haven't stopped by in a while and I'm so glad I got to because your boys are just as cute as ever together!! Love that R's got blue eyes right? Your two boys are so handsome!

I'm Cindi... said...

Hi Kimmie!! It's so great to meet you and your family...especially Ryder and Maddox! :) They are absolutely precious and sound like they are full of life and personality. :)