Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maddox and His New Adventures!!

I am so happy to say that this little guy is doing GREAT potty training!!! Last Tuesday I got a call at work and I heard a sweet little voice on the other end that said..”Mommy, I poo poo in the potty”.  You better believe I told every client that sat in my chair the rest of the day!! ha!  This Mommy was so PROUD!!!  I never thought I would get so excited over POOP! ha!


I had to take a picture of this box of diapers b/c I think it will be Maddox’s official last box of diapers!!! Amazon subscription has been cancelled!! PTL!!


On to todays adventure!!  Maddox decided he was going to jump off the porch down the steps….well, he ended up face planting into the concrete! Poor thing…It was absolutely awful…I turned my head just in time to catch him hit and I panicked…I knew he had hurt himself.  I’m just so thankful he didn’t break his arm!  When I picked him up he had blood all in his mouth and a huge knot on his head…along with the cuts!  It was his nap time and needless to say we would not let him go to sleep!  He has acted his normal self all day so we feel he is just fine.  He’s just going to have a nice little shiner for Easter! 



HIs last new adventure has been happening in the middle of the night.  For the last 2 nights Maddox has journeyed into our room and found him a nice comfortable spot on our bedroom floor.  Still sleeping like a rock.  We think we may have a sleep walker on our hands.  It worries us b/c directly out of his room is the top of our stairs and the railing that over looks the foyer. Chris bought a door alarm today so we have it installed now.  We will all wake up in a panic if it goes off…it is super loud!!  At least we will know he’s up and it will keep him safe!

As Maddox approaches 3…he is quickly turning into a little boy… gone are his toddler and baby ways. tear.

He is so special to us and I thank God for him everyday!!  He is such a smart, sweet and cute fellow!!


Kimberley said...

bless his heart, you can tell that shiner hurt! so happy he's getting the whole potty training! even though it's kinda sad he's growing up so fast! totally understand that!

Anna & Kirby said...

aww... poor guy! Love the bathroom pictures with Daddy! Too funny :)