Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

Easter activities started for us on Friday!  Maddox had his Preschool egg hunt.  It was cold and wet outside so they had to move the hunt indoors.  There are only so many places to hide 100’s of eggs in a church fellowship hall so needless to say, it didn’t take very long for the kids to find them!

easter 002

Saturday was the our church Eggstravaganza!!  It was at a park and they had all kinds of fun stuff for the kids!  We ate hot dogs and cupcakes…

Ryder sucked on his toes!

easter 015easter 020

Rode a train!!

easter 044

Hunted more Easter Eggs…

easter 049

Checking to see if they have any prizes in the eggs!

easter 059easter 060

Ryder spectated most of the day!!

easter 063

Harrison is just the sweetest little boy and miracle!!  The doctors said he would never be able to eat or talk and he is doing both!!! PTL!! 

easter 065

Ryder is really concentrating on this egg!!

easter 069

Maddox had a number in one of his eggs so he got to pick a prize from the prize table….he of course picked out candy!!

There were even horse rides for the kids!!

easter 078easter 085easter 088easter 091easter 100

Don’t that train look like fun!!

easter 105

Sliding boards!!

easter 109easter 110

The adults

Me and Melissa (Harrison’s Mom)

easter 113easter 116

The Boys Easter Baskets!!

easter 117easter 124

Maddox is really into monster trucks right now…he go a monster truck, a monster truck dvd, pajamas, some candy, bubble bath and some little Cars goodies!

easter 131easter 135

Ryder got some bath toys, puffs, yogurt melts a book and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd

easter 163

Our attempt at a family picture….

easter 188

We stopped by my Mom and Dad’s so they could see the boys and their handsomeness!!

easter 197

easter 204

This family pic actually turned out!!! Yay for that 1 picture!!

After this pic we rushed off to church…just to leave church shortly after…Ryder got choked on a yogurt melt and started gagging and threw up all over me and himself!!  It was a huge mess!! We just left and went back home…Ryder needed a bath after that…we both smelled like yuck!!

Since his first outfit got messed up…we were able to change him into his other outfit!  I was originally going to put this outfit on him but it was a little chilly earlier in the day! I guess it was meant for him to wear it!!

0easter 225easter 248easter 255easter 259

After I took their pictures, we headed to Chris’s Grandma’s for Easter lunch.

easter 279easter 282easter 333easter 353easter 360easter 376

played some corn hole

easter 379

Maddox is so Chris’s mini me!!

easter 386easter 403easter 414

All the kids hunted more eggs!!

easter 428

Maddox got to take a special bath with the glow sticks he got in his Easter basket!  How fun!!!

easter 451

We had an awesome Easter Day!!!  But most importantly we are so thankful for the reason we celebrate!!

Living he loved me, dying he saved me, buried he carried my sins far away, rising he justified, freed me forever one day he’s coming back…oh glorious day!!


Meredith said...

Oh My, Those boys Easter pics are Too Cute! Y'all have such a beautiful family!

Kimberley said...

what handsome little men you have! maddox in his suit is precious!!!