Monday, April 2, 2012

More Than Matching Clothes!!

Two post in one night…I am on a role!!  I have read you shouldn’t do that if you want your blog to grow…but since that is not the reason I have my blog..It is more important to make sure I’ve recorded our life! Now, on to our weekend!!

It would take a lot more than matching clothes to make these 2 look alike!! It’s amazing how different 2 brothers can be!  Maddox has darker hair, brown eyes, my pale skin and is stocky.  Ryder has lighter hair, blue eyes, darker skin and is average in size.  I’m starting to see lots of personality differences too.

I rarely match their clothes b/c my husband is NOT a fan!!  He lets me by with it every once in awhile.  I got these cute little shirts at The Children’s Place for a steal and I wanted to make sure they got to wear them before it gets any hotter.


After church and out to eat!  There is seriously rarely ever time for pictures before church!  This is the best we could get!! I’m pretty sure it’s near impossible to get a great picture of them together!


After church we went out to eat at Moose’s…Maddox always ask to go there after church!  I am so thankful that the boys do really good to go out to eat.  We don’t make a habit of taking them to restaurants  but when we do…they do well!


This little man is not saying much yet but if there is one thing I know he understands…it is “give Mommy a kiss”!!  He gives the best kisses and is so loving!! I just can’t get enough!!

The rest of our weekend consisted of TAXES!! Yuck.! But I’m proud to say they are completed and filed!  That is always such a relief to have done!!

I am also proud to say we finally picked out our vacation house at Oak Island and got it booked!!  We won’t go until the end of summer but as quick as time is passing that will be here before we know it!!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and I pray you have a blessed week!!

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