Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amateur Photographer!

I love taking pictures but honestly…I know very little about photography.  I have a passion for it to do it as a hobby.  I’m excited to be taking a photography class next month at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  It is a basic class but I’m sure I will learn a lot about my camera and how to use it!  So exciting!! 

I took these photos of Ryder last Tuesday, so they are his 1 month photos!!  If I have any pro photographers looking….please feel free to give advice on how to improve!!100



No matter how amateur I am at taking pictures….I sure have a Super Precious Subject to practice on!!!


Kirby and Anna said...

Ummm... these look far from amateur girl! He is too cute and you did a great job! I'm so jealous you are taking a photography class! I've wanted to do that too.

Meredith said...

Kim, you didnfabulous! But of course, your subject is so darn cute! I would love to know what editing program you use and what kind of camera you like! Innate been shopping for one for a year now and am scared to pull the trigger! Hope you are doing great! Were u ever able to view my blog???

Kimberley said...

i think they look great! i think a lot also has to do with editing software, which i don't have, but i'm sure the pros definitely use.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

No doubt, you have a GREAT model there. :) I think you did a good job. Good use of props, textures, colors.

I use Photoshop and Lightroom. You probably saw on my "blog tips" post about the free on-line editing tool -, etc. Works fine for small jobs.

My personal editing style is "less is more". I generally brighten and play with contrast/color saturation/vibrancy. I love softening, too, with a vintage look. And I do use some vignettes from time to time.

Since you're asking for suggestions...mine would be to decrease the amount of vignetting (is that a word? Haha.) just a bit so your eye goes to the baby as opposed to noticing the vignette too much. Also, brighten his skin a little on the B&W pic and play with contrast if you needed to.

For general photography, think about other interesting angles, too (go low, on his level, stand on a chair and do an over-the-head-shot, etc.). Do some shots of just his lips or ears or hands (I think you did do a shot of the hands on the recent "monkey" post. :)

You have a good eye! Practice on your baby as much as you can before he's too old and runs away when he see the camera! (Speaking from experience! Lol.)

Can't wait to see more of your sweet baby!

Sophisticated Steps