Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pool Time with Daddy

This weekend was a great family time weekend!! Neither Chris or I had to do anything that required leaving the other behind!  Saturday we headed to the pool!


Dressed and ready to go!!


Ryder just hangs out in his travel bed, car seat or whoever wants to hold him!!  We keep him in the shade with the fan going to make sure he stays cool!


I love these faces!!


Daddy is doing all the splashing


Maddox loves the water but mainly only in this float.  He holds on to whoever is holding him for dear life when he is not in his float.  I’m hoping by the end of the summer that changes.  We are considering getting him some swimming lessons!


I love how the water looks in this pic!




We ran to the mall Saturday evening to do some more exchanging.  I had bought Maddox some swim trunks and rash guard shirts on sale at Belk.  I bought size 4t b/c he is quickly out growing all of his 3t clothes.  When I tried them on him, they were a little big for my liking so we had to take them back and get the 3t.  He may not be able to wear the 3t next year but at least they look neat on him!!

Chase, Keleigh and Elynd were stopping by the mall too so we met up with them so Maddox could see his girlfriend!

Sunday after church, we all took a nap! 


This is the best pic Maddox would give us!!

Sunday evening Maddox and Chris went on a Wal-Mart run and to pick up supper.  Me and Ryder enjoyed sitting out on the front porch.  It was cool enough outside to enjoy it and very peaceful!!



The summer is going by so fast!  I am trying not to think about how quick September will be here and my reign as a SAHM will be over Sad smile.  I sure am loving this time of my life Smile.


Olga said...

Girl, you look so good!

Good for you that you are enjoying every minute of being a sahm! Keep enjoying it!!

Kimberley said...

the boys are so precious!!!

Summer and Matt said...

Cute boys!!! So glad ya'll could enjoy the pool! Colton has that same little romper with the orange and gray stripes. He is starting to outgrow his newborn clothes (esp Ryan's hand me downs) and moving into 3 month clothes. They are growing too fast!