Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Week Has Come and Gone

July 5th – July 8th

I can’t believe that almost a month of my maternity leave has passed…and Ryder is almost 4 weeks old.  I really want time to slow down!!

Monday was the 4th so it was included in my 4th of July post.  So this week starts on Tuesday.

I am loving me some omelets lately!!  I think I’ve ate one every morning this week!  All that protein keeps me full longer!!001

This pic should have been in the last post…Ryder’s 4th of July bib!



Maddox wanted to go out and play at his water table.  Being the good Mom I am…I sent him out in his PJ’s.  Oh well, that’s just living!!  He has finally figured out how to play with it…without sitting in it!



I went to the salon and got my hair did!!  I needed a haircut desperately!!  You know when you work in a profession…you put yourself last.  I also did Denise’s hair (she did my hair) and my Mawmaw.  After being there almost 4 hours…I was having baby is going to be so hard to go back to my 12 hour days.  My heart will hurt!


Maddox cracks me up…he is into trucks right now and tries to ride all of them…no matter how small they are!!!


Once again…I let him get soaked in his clothes! It was late in the evening and I knew we would be going in to get a bath soon!


He was loving his time playing with neighbors Jordan and Caleb!!




Ryder loves sleeping on his tummy!  I know babies are not supposed to be put on their tummy for sleeping but I let him do it when he naps and I keep a close eye on him.


Maddox wanted to lay with Ryder on his play mat!!  Wow, he looks so big!!  It was too cute!


He also likes to act like he is drinking his bottles.  He puts it in his mouth and then takes it out and says “ewwww…..naty (nasty)”!



Chris was off work, so we had a fun day planned to take Maddox to the splash pad!!  He had a ball!!  I love to watch him play!!  Chris enjoyed getting to watch him too!!


After the splash pad, we went to Aunt J J’s pool.  We were trying to wear him out!  We all had fun at the pool and even I was able to swim!!! Yay!!

Little Ryder just snoozed the whole time!!


Friday evening, Chris got some Daddy time and went carp fishing…his HS buddy Kenny went with him.  Kenny also got to meet Ryder!!


Since Chris got some Daddy time on Friday…I got some Mommy time on Saturday!  What did I do?  Shop of course!  Mainly taking things back and exchanging them…and I always end up buying for the boys.  It’s just no fun shopping for myself right now.  I did end up finding me a bathing suit which I felt like was a HUGE accomplishment….but like most bathing suits…I’m sure after I wear it one time…I will find something I don’t like about it!  Does anyone else feel that way?  I know the lady that was in the dressing room next to me does!ha!! 

I also got to meet Ryder’s new little buddy!!  More to come!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!


Casey Martinez said...

love love seeing the pictures of the two boys together. Your little Ryder is so precious and growing as fast as ever!

The Lovely One said...

I love the "Mommy's new man" onesie!

Meredith said...

Kim, Ryder is so precious! In love love his did an awesome job with it all! Love the pictures and your sweet adorable family!