Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th Weekend

On Saturday, we headed to the lake for our annual family July 4th celebration.  I think this tradition has made the 4th become my favorite holiday.  It is a no stress holiday….you don’t have to buy gifts or spend the day going to 5 family get togethers.  It simply is a laid back enjoyable summer day!!  Family, lake, food, fireworks and fun!!

I will never pass up the opportunity to take a pic of Mawmaw holding one of my boys!!


Ryder slept the whole time we were at the lake!!



Baby Gage


Little Laura and My cousin Lisa


Aunt JayJay


This pic just speaks SUMMERTIME!!  Dirty face and all!!


All the kiddos having a blast in the water!!


Britt, Kevin and Chad


Looking good hubby!!!


Maddox had a ball playing with all his little cousins!!


This face cracks me up!!  I didn’t kiss him…it is icing off of a cookie!!


Everyone was bombing each other with water balloons….I had on dry clothes and no bathing suit underneath and got soaked by a balloon.  I decided to retaliate with more than just a balloon!!


They caught a turtle!!


Daddy and Ryder!!  Precious!!

Sunday…I once again stayed home with Ryder while Chris and Maddox went to church.  I miss church but I think we should be fine to go next Sunday!!  Chris and I decided to have some friends over Sunday evening for a low country boil….we are kind of hooked on that meal lately!!  So Sunday, I got the house looking good and then enjoyed an evening of good food, laughs, and fun with friends!!


I broke out some of Maddox’s baby toys and Brayden and Elynd loved them!!


Keleigh and her MIL Deidra


Deana and her precious grandbaby…I know…she doesn’t look old enough to have a grandbaby!!!


Brayden and Jocelyn


David being himself crazy!!


Bobby was so good with Ryder…he loves babies and babies love him!!


Bobby and Deidra…we love this couple…they are our elders at church!!


Monday…THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!

Our day started out  very low key and lazy…thankfully the whole day ended up being that way!  We had plans to go to my sisters house to the pool and to eat…we had to wait for Maddox to get up from his nap before we could go.  Maddox didn’t wake up until after 4 so by the time we got to my sisters…a huge storm was blowing in.  So no pool for us!!  We had a great time anyway!!  Anytime we are with family it is a good time…I’m so thankful for that!


This pic melts my heart!!


All of Ryder’s 4th of July outfits were too big for him.  This was Maddox’s onesie….it was a little big but it worked!


This fruit platter looked so pretty!


Willow….she has the most beautiful eyes!152


163Maddox is finally here!!! 273

    RYDER                                                MADDOX

Maddox is finally here!!! 269Maddox is finally here!!! 270Maddox is finally here!!! 271


Maddox was so excited…he got to ride the trac-tor!!!  He is really into trucks, tractors, dump trucks, bull dozers, backhoes and all those kind of things right now…its too cute!!  Unc Kev is his hero right here!!


Well, that wraps up our 4th of July weekend!!  We had a great time with all our family and friends.  We are so blessed to live in this country and have the freedom to celebrate how we choose to!  I pray it always stays that way!!

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the workaholic momma said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend - the pic of Maddox and Ryder melts my heart - how sweet!!! Hope you're having a great week!!