Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life with 2…Week 2

June 26th – July 1st

I know that these post are probably very boring to anyone reading them other than me…..sorry.  My goal with these post are for me to look back and see what life was like with a newborn and 2 year old.  Also, to know how I spent my summer days as a SAHM. 


These pics were taken on Sunday after Chris and Maddox got back from church.  Maddox was looking too cute!!


Shep meets Ryder

Sunday afternoon, I took my first trip to Lincolnton’s brand new Super Wal-Mart!!!  Woohoo!  When I got home…my parents had stopped by to see the boys.  That evening Shep and Andrea came over and brought us supper!!!



On Monday, Kim, Brennan and Taylor came to meet Ryder!  They brought us supper that night! We are getting spoiled!!


Taylor and Ryder


Uncle Brennan

Tuesday…I kind of went back to work.  I went into the Salon and did my Mom and MIL’s hair.  Daddy kept Maddox and I took Ryder with me.  When I went to pick up Maddox…I ate lunch at Mom’s house…a yummy tomato sandwich!!!  That evening Andrea came over and I  colored her roots and cooked supper…yep…I cooked supper, I guess I’ve got to start doing it at some point. Ha!


Don’t worry…her roots didn’t turn out the color of her shirt!!



I decided I needed a double stroller so I ordered the Chicco Together.  So far so good!  I knew if I needed to go to the mall or on walks thru the neighborhood…the double stroller would come in handy.


I picked up  a Cars Color Wonder pad and some color wonder markers when I was at Wal-Mart.  I feel like I need to start working on crafty/coloring activities with Maddox….to develop his skills and to keep him from getting bored!!  It entertained him about 20 minutes…I guess that’s normal.


I put Ryder in his swing for the first time!!  He seems a little small for it right now.



I love cuddling this little fellow!!



Wednesday evening, my friend Misty came over to meet Ryder!!  Misty and her husband are the ones that sent  the beautiful flowers to the hospital!!


I wanted to do something fun with Maddox so I decided to take him to the splash pad.  I called my good friend Krista to see if she wanted to bring Elan and Beckham and go with us!  The more the merrier and Maddox loves playmates!

We got us some Bojangles and headed to the park!!!


Maddox loved having Jordan come along!!


I enjoyed so much just sitting and watching him play.  He really got into playing in the water.  He would put his head under one of the water streams and then do a little dance…it was so funny!!


The park also has a little train that you pay $1 to ride and it takes you on about 4 laps!!  I took Maddox on it last year on his birthday…I can’t believe it is already a year later and he is now 2 riding the train!! 


Ryder got to ride it too!!!


After the splash pad and train…it was off to the playground area!!


Maddox took a good nap that evening…I love how sun and water wears a toddler out!!!


We headed to the pool!!  Maddox loves the pool and is slowly becoming more comfortable with the water.  His favorite thing to do at the pool is throwing the beach balls in the pool and having whoever is in the pool to throw them back out to him…so he can throw them in again!!


Baby Taylor is still not here!!!  Hurry up baby Taylor!!

Well that highlights everything I can think of right now…I may have to come back and add in details as I think of them!


Rachel said...

Your kids are just super cute!

Tracy said...

I love Color Wonder!! And I am splash pad jealous.

Kimberley said...

i wish someone would come to my house and do my roots!!! that's so nice of you!!! love me some bojangles. the one here closed :( the first picture of maddox is darling!!! and i never get bored with your posts! keep them coming!!

p.s. hurry up taylor!! :)

Casey Martinez said...

oh my goodness you are one active momma of two..and a new baby no less!! You are keeping so busy. How do you do it?? You must be exhausted!! Look great though;0. Ryder is adorable!!

KM said...

Stopping by from Jenna's!

Your boys are so CUTE and I love their names! Cute blog and I am now following your blog =)


the workaholic momma said...

oh my goodness girl - already back in the salon?!?! Ok..so you make this whole thing look easy:) Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week - your babes are SO precious!

Amy said...

stopping by from jenna's....
first of all, you look amazing for just having a baby! secondly...my two are close in age to yours! my oldest turned 2 on june 22nd and my youngest will be 8 weeks tomorrow. life with two is definitely busy! :)
we have the same double stroller and so far i like it, but it is a BEAR to get in and out of the car - ha! :)

Mere said...

Stopping by from Jenna's! Congratulations on your second baby boy! Your boys are both precious, and I love the name Maddox. That is one of my favorite boy names.

Cory said...

Aww! I love your blog. It is good to know all us mama's are up to mostly the same thing. You will never regret the time you spend with your littles. It goes too fast. :) I am a hairstylist too, and have been off now for 3 years with my most recent child, and now want to change careers. ;) But I will always keep my license. It is fun to do. Been doing it for about 11 years. :) Have a great week.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Jenna's blog. Your boys are so adorable and you look amazing for just having a baby!!

Jennifer said...

Your blog is so cute! I love your kid's names. I'm following your blog now. Found you through Jenna's Journey.

Julie said...

Hopping over from Jenna's.
Congras on your newest addition! Beautiful family!