Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Week Happenings

July 11th – July 15th

I can barely remember last week…I’m going to have to do better staying more current with my blog!!  This Mommy brain can barely remember yesterday!!  I am going to try to recap a few highlights of last week. Our days I’m sure seem noneventful to most people but they are full of giggles,squeals,kisses,hugs,coos and snuggling.  These are the BEST days of my life!!!

Monday, I spent most of the day at the Dentist.  It’s amazing how an appointment like that can eat up your whole day!!  I had to be there at 1 which meant I had to leave my house at 12:30…to drop the kids off at my parents and then the drive.  Which meant I had to start getting ready at 11:30.  Once I was at the Dentist, I was a new patient so I was there until 4!  So, by the time I picked the kids back up it was going on 4:45 before we were back home!!  So a simple Dentist appt took from 11:30-4:45 start to finish, and that was the majority of the day! 


I’ll never pass up a photo op to get a picture of this sweetness!!


Me and Maddox ate supper outside at his picnic table!


I just love Maddox’s PJ’s!!

Tuesday was a full day at home!!2011-07-12_11-09-02_849_thumb1

I caught this sweet moment with my phone!!


My good friend Emily came over to meet Ryder!!  She had been out of town since right after he was born so we finally got to see each other and catch up!!  We had a good time just sitting and chatting about life!!



Me and My sweet Maddox getting some play time.  Chris dressed Maddox to run an errand that evening!!  I love how when Chris dresses Maddox, he always dresses him in what he would wear…..  A SC Gamecock shirt and khaki shorts!!  Is that not the cutest hat!!

On Wednesday, Me and the Boys went to visit Andrea and Baby Taylor.  We picked up some Mickey D’s and enjoyed eating lunch and visiting with them!


Kathy, Andrea’s MIL


The boys were due 9 days apart, but I went 8 days early and Andrea went 5 days late so they ended up being 3 weeks and 1 day apart.


Is this not the funniest face!!  Maddox was impersonating the babies!!


Even though they are 3 weeks apart….they weigh around the same thing right now!!


I love how their heads are laying the same in this one!!


This picture cracks me up!!  We told Maddox to get up on the couch beside them.  This is how he posed….such a boy!!  I also think it is hilarious how ginormous big he looks!!  If I need to smile…this picture will put one on my face…maybe even a laugh too!!

Thursday…we went to the pool.  I didn’t take me camera with me so I have no pics.  I got this pic when we got home.007

Chris took some pics at bath time!!


Ryder loves his sink baths!!  It’s funny b/c I was so uneasy with giving Maddox a bath when he was a baby….Chris gave him about all his baths!!  With Ryder…I have given him most of them… I’m not nervous at all!  It’s amazing the things that are different the second time around!


Chris did a photo shoot of Maddox while I was giving R his bath!!


Ahhhh……nothing like a clean newborn!!


Have I ever said how much I ADORE this little fellow!!


I ADORE both these clean little fellows!! Maddox wanted to “Hold him”… Look Mommy, I can hold him with no hands!!

Friday morning we played and then when Maddox napped, I started cooking supper to take to Andrea and Shep.  We took it to them that evening and then Friday night, me and Maddox watched the last episode ever of Friday Night Lights!!  I love that show and am so sad it is going off for good Sad smile.  Also, that was the first night I held down the fort by myself.  Chris had to go out of town for football camp.  The boys were so good and  Maddox got to sleep in the bed with me!!  (not sure that will happen again, the kid was all over the place!)

Oh yeah, during the week we watched the movie CARS about 98745  20 times!!  Maddox is really into that movie right now!!  We actually took him a week or so ago to the movie theater to see Cars 2.  He loved it and did so good!!  He sat there the whole 2 hours and barely moved!!!  It was such a fun family night, we even took little Ryder with us and he was good too!!

That’s all the detail I can think of for now…hope everyone is having a great week!!!


Kimberley said...

i laughed SO HARD at the picture of maddox next to those itty bitty babies!!! he looks like a kindergartner! :) and i LOVE his impression of them, so funny! he's a toot! oh, and i saw another pair of pajamas we both have ;)

Casey Martinez said...

Look how big Maddox looks now next to little Ryder!!! That is just amazing how a baby can look so big when another baby comes along;0. These pictures are darling!

Ashley said...

Look at all those sweet precious baby pictures!!! AW! =)