Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ryder is ONE Month!!

Holy Cow where does time go??  My baby is already one month!!!  I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday!! 

I have to say…I Love Life with my 2 boys!!  They bring so much joy to my life each and every day. 


Ryder, you are such a sweet little babe!  You have been so easy since day 1.  You only cry when you start to get hungry and usually you give us fair warning with a period of grunts.  When you do cry, it is not an ear deafening cry….like your brother had.  You are drinking 4oz every 3 hours, sometimes at night you will go 4 hours.  After I feed you at night, I lay you back down in your crib and you go back to sleep.  Sometimes when I am not as sleepy, I will cuddle and rock you until you fall back asleep.  I love those moments!!  After your 6 or 7 am bottle, I bring you to my bed and lay you on my chest and we get in another hour or two of sleep before brother wakes up. 




You are really not on a napping schedule yet.  You slept so much the first couple weeks, I am enjoying you being awake more during the day.  So right now, I just go with whatever you want to do. 


You are wearing newborn diapers and are still in newborn clothes.  I did put a Carter’s 3 month outfit on you this past week and it was still a little big…but I let you wear it anyway.  You have so many clothes in that size, I’m hoping you get some wear out of them.  I think you are going to get big fast…just like your brother.  You are already up to 8.8 lbs.


When  at home your day consist  of…Mommy holding and playing with you, laying in your boppy, observing your toys on your play gym, swinging in your swing, eating, sleeping, Maddox holding you and Daddy holding you.  Some days we go for walks  in the stroller or I put you in the baby carrier and we play outside with Maddox.  You do really good riding in the car.  You have already been out and about a good bit but not to places that people would be hovering over you (other than family). You are going to church for the first time tomorrow and Mommy is very excited about this!! 


A funny story for you….Mommy and Daddy don’t have too many disagreements over things but when Mommy bought you the leg warmers…Daddy did not like it one bit!!  I’ve had to do a lot of convincing to get an approval for you to have these on for your pictures…I promised him I would not take you out in public with them on.  I’m so sorry if you look back on these pics one day and want to get me for this but Mommy loves them on you!  I promise you this will be as accessorized as it gets!! Ha


You are just too stinkin cute!!


What are you thinking about buddy?


I was looking back at pics of Maddox when he was 1 month…. I think they look a lot alike!

155Maddox is finally here!!! 444

Ryder July 16th 2011                        Maddox July 16th 2009


Hmmmm…..that sky looks familiar.


Are you looking up to heaven….from which you just came?


This is your tough boy picture…bumping your fist together and that serious look on your face!!  Too cute!!  See….tough men do where orange an leg warmers!!


Oh the Joys in life!!


The only problems we are having with you right now is that you stay constipated.  We are trying everything in the book to help you go..and it usually helps but you are not going regularly.  I never thought I would ever get so excited over a stinky diaper.  I just can’t stand to see you squirming in pain.  We called your pediatrician and they didn’t seem concerned since you are going with intervention, I’m just praying that it all gets regulated soon.


I was just telling Chris today that I feel like you have changed overnight.  If it wasn’t for my contacts drying out…I would seriously consider not blinking!!

Ryder, we are just so glad you are here.  You make our family complete and our future is even brighter with you in it!  We look forward to every moment of loving, holding, teaching and experiencing  life with you!  We pray God keeps his angels camped round about you and his favor follows you all the days of your life!

Love you to the moon and back!!


Kirby and Anna said...

I love Ryder's tough man pictures! Oh... and the legwarmers are too cute! Sorry dad :)

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

He is precious!! Congrats!! I love his bedding.

Laura Taylor said...

I love the pics of him and Maddox!!!! Hes growing so fast!