Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tricycles, Cooking, Monkey Joes and the Pool!! Perfect Week!!

July 18th – 22nd

Ooops….. I blinked, now another week is done gone!! 

On Monday morning…I went in early to the salon and did Joy’s hair.  The weather wasn’t as hot on Monday so when I got home…I took the boys out for a stroll thru the neighborhood.  Monday evening Joy and Tori came over and Tori ended up staying with us while Joy went to a Mary Kay meeting. 

Maddox, Tori, Jordan and Bre had a fun time riding Maddox’s tricycles!!


It was a nice summer evening of playing outside.  We even played a game of dodge ball in the back yard!!


Maddox…I think you are a little big for Ryder’s swing!


Maddox trying to wear Tori’s shoes!



  I’m using Ryder as a table for my tomato/ham sandwich!  Tuesday was just a full day at home….I did an amateur photo shoot of Ryder…pics to come!  Chris had to work late so I enjoyed the evening sitting on the patio catching up with my neighbor Jackie and watching the kiddos play.  Maddox got so dirty, I wish I would have got a pic….his face was orange from all the dirt…such a boy!

Wednesday….the highlight of the day..I cooked!!!  Beef Stroganoff!!  I got a really good recipe from the Emealz site.


Trying to make this fun!!


I had another Dentist appt on Wed….deep groove teeth are a pain to maintain!!


Look at those big brown eyes!!!


I think Ryder is going to have blue eyes!

Thursday, I took Maddox to Monkey Joes.  I had my work cut out for me doing that!  I thought it would be easy to take him, let him play and I could sit with Ryder and just keep my eye on him.  Not the case!!  Next time, I will make sure I take someone else with me.  Maddox was all over the place and didn’t do the best job of listening to me.  So I toted a full diaper bag and a baby in a baby carrier around the place chasing my 2 year old.  After about 1 1/2 hours….I was done!!  We left there and  I decided to take on one more new challenge.  I took the boys to the mall.  I just needed to go in one store so I figured I would be ok.  I made it thru it but it was still a challenge.  I had Maddox in the front of the stroller hollering OUT…Mommy OUT!  Then Ryder got hungry while we were in there and I had to give him his first propped bottle.  I don’t like having to do that but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!!


Friday….POOL DAY!!  With temperatures in the 100’s…you have to stay inside or in water!!!


Baby E


Maddox in his girly goggles!!



Look at that smile!!


Another great week!!

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Casey Martinez said...

Baby R is soooo cute! He is already growing a lot! M looks like such a big boy on the bike! And you momma look fantastic!