Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look Who’s Here!!!

Baby Taylor!!!  Can you believe my tiny little friend had a 9lb baby!!  Taylor is PRECIOUS!!!  Congratulations Andrea and Shep!!


He was born Friday July 8th…about 5 days overdue!!


Proud Parents!!  Andrea was in labor 30 hours and still looks Amazing!!!


I have to confess one of my blonde moments!  In an earlier post, I posted a pic of Ryder in his swing.  He was all slumped in it and looked extremely uncomfortable.  I commented on the pic that “ he isn’t big enough for his swing yet”.   The other day, I was looking at the swing and thought “why would they make the swing to sit the baby up so much…what a terrible design”!  So when Chris got home, I asked him….does this swing not adjust?  We got to looking at it and sure enough…it lays back as pretty as you please!!  What a waste of 3 weeks that I could have been using it!!!  Oh well!  I’m sure I knew how to do it when Maddox used it but I guess I forgot over the 2 years!! ha!


So now Ryder is loving his swing!!


Gosh….I just love this little man!!!


All my family getting their Ryder fix!!


It’s so sweet how newborns lay their hands!


Nana and Ryder…

My mom fixed an awesome supper on Sunday evening and had the whole family over!!  Love her…(and her cooking!)


Maddox really enjoyed his ice cream!!


So did his shirt!!


No better way to end a Sunday Summer evening than with some CORN HOLE!!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!!



Jennifer said...

I love your boy's names. =)

Kirby and Anna said...

We love cornhole! We actually just had to buy some more bags because we ruined the other ones.

Kimberley said...

wow, 9lbs!! congratulations to your friend! so fun you both have little ones so close in age!