Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Weekend

Last Saturday, Ryder turned 1 month!!  I have already did a detailed post on that but here are some pics of the rest of the weekend.  Saturday, Chris was still at football camp for most of the day.  He got home late afternoon and we just enjoyed a lazy, rainy evening at home.  We ordered out from House of Pizza and got a movie from Redbox.  We watched Just Go With It…with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, I liked it!!


Daddy with his boys!!  They missed him!!

Sunday, Ryder went to church for the first time!!  After church we went out to eat with some friends.  That was our first time out to eat as a family of 4.  Ryder was a breeze but Maddox was a handful!! 


Remember this cute little baby girl…Kendal was born a few days before Ryder.  Chris’s friend Shawn and his wife were in the hospital the same time we were.  They have been coming to Harvest Time when Shawn is in town.

maddox 163

After Sunday dinner, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a Birthday gift for Beckham, hurried home and laid Maddox down for a quick nap, then off to Beck’s birthday party!!! Whew…can you say BUSY day!!


Maddox loves the icing on cupcakes!! He takes after his Mommy!!


Abree and Robin


Travis, Baby Lane, Ryder and Lauren


Lauren is my 3rd cousin so I think that would make Baby Lane and Ryder 5th cousins!! ha!

Maddox LOVED the trampoline!!  I think we will have to get him one for his birthday next year!


Ryder just chilled the whole time!!

A fast but fun weekend!!  Now I’m ready to head to the pool and enjoy this weekend!!

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